when living abroad isn’t glamorous: a (normal) day in my life

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If you read our blog and follow us on Instagram or Facebook, you probably get the impression that we don’t work because it appears as though we’re always exploring a new place.  If only that were true.  I will grant you that we get to travel more than most Americans we know, but we still have to go to work in order to do so.

That got me thinking about our normal day to day lives – about how we still do all the normal things life requires: meal prep, grocery shopping, laundry, working out, studying, and the one that seems to take up the most time…going to work.

Therefore, I’ve decided to do a little “intentional Instagram story day” to show you just how normal our lives are on a day to day basis.  Follow me on Instagram to access my story as I post throughout the day tomorrow to see what a normal Sunday looks like for me!


EDIT: To see my follow up post about a normal day in my life, click here!

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