when living abroad isn’t glamorous: a follow up

Ashley/ May 23, 2017/ Expat Life, Life in Saudi Arabia/ 0 comments

A few days ago, I posted about how much of our life in Saudi Arabia is actually quite normal – not that different from our life in the US.  Yes, we do some really adventurous things and go exciting places more frequently than we did in the past, but most days, we still lead normal lives…maybe with a few more palm trees.

As proof, I spent a day broadcasting the things I did via my Instagram account.  If you missed my “InstaStory Day” about a normal Sunday in my life, don’t worry!  I saved all the photos and have compiled them to show what a normal day looks like for me.  Take a look below!

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I’m interested in your day and routines. What kinds of things make your day normal?  Share in the comments below.


  1. I loved this so much! Thanks for doing it!

  2. I loved following your day via instastories! 5 A.M. does come early… not that I get up at that time here…

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