That Time I Meant To Write…

I had every intention of writing this summer while we were traveling, but I was spread thin what with bouncing in and out of countries all over Southeast Asia and completing a 7-week course for my master's degree... I just didn't get the chance. Instead, I've been working hard to renovate to make it more user-friendly and exciting.

We've made the hop to self-hosting our site, so that meant I had to learn how to work WordPress more than ever before. I've learned more than I expected about the basics of the behind the scenes website building, and most of what I've learned has come from a lot of trial and error. Needless to say, I'm pretty proud of the product we have right now. It's still got some minor tweaking to go, but I wanted to post something and say that I haven't forgotten about all our readers!

Get ready for the new and improved!

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