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I am new to the world of essential oils.  I got into it because my sister is a wellness advocate for doTerra, and I was interested in trying essential oils for a few things around the house.  Since I live abroad and don't want to have them shipped here, I jumped in with both feet and ordered a bunch of different oils to be delivered to her before one of my scheduled trip to the States.  I'm definitely still learning how and when to use them (thanks to Pinterest), but knowing it wouldn't be sensible to carry all of them on vacation with us, I did some research to figure out which ones would be best for our traveling purposes. We were headed to Southeast Asia, and I wanted to have an arsenal of oils at the ready in case we needed them.

So, here's what I brought with me:


This is doTerra's outdoor blend. It is supposed to repel unwanted pests like mosquitos.  Considering we were going to hot, muggy, mosquito-ridden Southeast Asia, I felt that this would be an appropriate oil to carry with us.  I had a little spray bottle that we designated our TerraShield spray - about 10 drops of TerraShield with some distilled water. 


This is doTerra's grounding blend. The purpose of this blend is to put your mind and body at ease, promoting tranquility. Sometimes traveling through the airport in Jeddah can be quite stressful, and there are certain times of the year when it is even crazier than it normally is (this is a post in the making).  I thought having a little roller bottle of this might come in handy while going through immigration and security. 


This is a digestive blend meant to help with digesting food, soothing an upset stomach, and relieving pain from gas or bloating. We were headed to Southeast Asia, and if you're not careful, you can end up with some very unpleasant post-food experiences. Therefore, this seemed to be a no brainer.


This is one of my favorite oils because of the cooling sensation when you put it on, and it smells amazing! I brought this simply because I carry it everywhere anyway.  My intention was to only use it for headaches, but we also were able to use it for some motion sickness on a day of diving, as well as on the back of our necks to cool us while touring temples in the hot sun. 


This is doTerra's protective blend that is supposed to promote healthy immune function.  It seems like a great oil for travel when you will be exposed to a number of germs with which your system isn't familiar.   


I tend to get bug bites no matter what, and whereas our TerraShield seemed to work most of the time, I still ended up with random mosquito and ant bites.  Melaleuca was a HUGE help because as soon as I started itching, I used my roller bottle full of Melaleuca, and the itching disappeared! 


This is doTerra's reassuring blend. I didn't have a particular reason for bringing Peace (though I could argue that it is similar to Balance in that it calms my anxious thoughts), but because I had the easy roller bottle, I threw it in my bag. 

Face Blend

I made this roller bottle blend with frankincense, lavender, clary sage, and  ylang ylang. This is for those pesky blemishes and acne that creep up while traveling (and in normal life, for that matter).  I use it every night on my face, so naturally this was along for the ride!

What do I WISH I had brought with me?

I wish I had brought a roller bottle with a carrier oil for DigestZen. I brought DigestZen thinking I'd put it in water and drink it if I needed it, but at the times I needed it, I ended up rubbing it on my stomach.  It would have been easier to have this ready to use in roller form.  I also wish I had brought lavender in a roller bottle.  With all the bouncing around we did, we changed time zones and had several early mornings, therefore having my favorite sleeping oil would have been nice.


That's my travel arsenal. If you use essential oils, what are must have travel oils for you? Like I said, I'm still learning, so let me know what I'm missing!  

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  1. Ashley, how do you carry your oils on flights? We will be taking 6 flights to and within India. What is the best way to travel with oils?

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