the ESSENTIAL oils for travel

Ashley/ August 8, 2017/ On the Road, Southeast Asia/ 2 comments

I am new to the world of essential oils.  I got into it because my sister is a wellness advocate for doTerra, and I was interested in trying essential oils for a few things around the house.  Since I live abroad and don’t want to have them shipped here, I jumped in with both feet and ordered a bunch of

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Summertime in Southeast Asia – 5 Tips to Make your Travels Smooth(er)

Ashley/ August 3, 2017/ Cambodia, Malaysia, Myanmar, On the Road, Southeast Asia, Thailand/ 0 comments

Traveling to a new place is thrilling, and once that travel bug bites, it’s hard to get rid of the itch to travel.  But it can also be frustrating if you’re not prepared. When we travel, we tend to rely on both our previous experience abroad and tips from people who have been to where we’re going before us.  Thus

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That Time I Meant To Write…

Ashley/ July 29, 2017/ On the Road, Southeast Asia/ 0 comments

I had every intention of writing this summer while we were traveling, but I was spread thin what with bouncing in and out of countries all over Southeast Asia and completing a 7-week course for my master’s degree… I just didn’t get the chance. Instead, I’ve been working hard to renovate to make it more user-friendly and exciting. We’ve

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Feasting with Friends

Ashley/ June 14, 2017/ Expat Life, Food, Life in Saudi Arabia/ 0 comments

One of the most exciting aspects of living in a new culture is getting to participate in events, holidays, and traditions that you’ve never experienced before.  This can take many forms: unique wedding traditions, different customs to celebrate a new baby, eating new foods, wearing different clothes, learning a new dance, and this even includes learning what phrases to use

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Places: Jeddah International Market

Ashley/ June 9, 2017/ Expat Life, Exploring KSA, Life in Saudi Arabia, Places/ 0 comments

Despite the presence of some international brands like Canon, Sony, and Fender, I’m not sure why this mall is called an international market.  It doesn’t strike me as being very international because of its lack of goods and food from other places, nor does it feel very much like a market because there aren’t stalls the proprietor must close up each night

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5 Things That Make Prague Perfectly European

Ashley/ June 4, 2017/ Czech Republic, Europe, On the Road/ 2 comments

If you’re a fan of wandering through major European cities, then Prague is definitely a place you need to visit.  The incredible architecture, the robust history, and the fact that it’s nestled in the middle of Germany, Austria, and Poland make it a great destination on any trip through Europe.  If you’re looking for a true European experience, Prague has what you

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Looking for Whale Sharks: A Weekend on the Red Sea

Eric/ May 28, 2017/ Exploring KSA, Life in Saudi Arabia, Middle East, On the Road, Saudi Arabia, Scuba/ 0 comments

In 2016, we had an amazing chance to swim with whale sharks with Red Sea Safaris, a research group based out of KAUST. It is still probably the coolest thing we’ve done in Saudi Arabia, so when registration for the 2017 trips opened up, we decided that we probably didn’t need to go back this year knowing last year would be hard

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