Sailing Turkey with MedSailors

Sailing. Snorkeling. Stand Up Paddle Boarding.img_8339

Sun. Swimming. Sea Turtles.

Our time in Turkey last week was pretty amazing. You can check out our video of the week along with a few of the highlights below.



A few months ago, our friends Catie and Jason invited us to meet them in Turkey for a sailing adventure with MedSailors. MedSailors is a skippered yachting company that organizes holidays for 20-35 year olds in Turkey, Greece, and Croatia. You can hire your own boat or just book a berth on a boat you share with others. We recruited our friends Michelle and Brian to join us, and before we knew it, it was time to head to Turkey.

Michelle, Brian, Ashley, and I flew into Fethiye late Friday night, met Catie and Jason at a nice little AirBnB, and then headed to the marina to meet up with the MedSailors team and our fellow crew members. The six of us were put on the Cavok, and we were joined by Katie and Vicki from New Zealand and the UK and our awesome skipper, Sergei. The best surprise that afternoon though, was to find out that the Cavok was a Catamaran! The extra space on deck was great to have during the hours we spent sailing and hanging out in the sun.

The flotilla for the week consisted of three boats including ours, and the majority of the sailors were from New Zealand, Australia, and the UK. Our agenda was pretty simple, and the majority of the days went something like this: breakfast – swimming– sailing – stop at a bay for lunch/swimming – a bit more sailing – stop in a bay or city during the afternoon – some sort of excursion or exploring the city – dinner – going out/hanging out.

The Turkey route is an awesome blend of sailing, hidden bays, small seaside towns, and a few chances to get out and be adventurous. Here are a few of our favorite highlights from the trip:

Paragliding – we went tandem paragliding from 1700 meters over Ölüdeniz with Gravity Paragliding. It was amazing!G0039119.jpg

Hiking Saklikent Gorge – A huge slot canyon with walls up to 300 meters high. We hiked a few kilometers in crossing an icy stream and several cold pools that were chest deep.

Patara Beach – a beautiful sandy beach where we watched the sunset one evening.

Kayaköy – an abandoned city we hiked to the morning after spent in Coldwater Bay. It was quite a hike, but it was fascinating to see building after building that was deserted in the 1920s. The city just seemed to go on forever, and we were treated to chocolate and banana pancakes after our return hike.

Sea Turtles – In several bays we were able to swim with sea turtles! We made sure to get up and go snorkeling early those days for the best chance to see them and were rewarded several times.

Stand Up Paddle Boarding – Ashley loved taking the paddle board out whenever the boat stopped for some time.

The Food – Turkish food is delicious! The pide, casseroles, doner, and fish were great pretty much wherever we stopped. Plus, Sergei made great breakfasts and lunches on board. I was seriously surprised by the awesome dishes like Turkish ravioli he was able to make while simultaneously sailing the boat!

Overall, it was a fantastic week, and we can’t recommend it highly enough. The MedSailors team was top-notch, the route was great, and it was a week we’ll remember for a long time. If you’re outside of the 20-35 age group or looking for a trip that’s even more laid back, MedSailors has a sister company, YachtGetaways, that runs the same routes. We loved our time with MedSailors, but if we do it again we might try and recruit enough friends to book an entire boat with YachtGetaways. Croatia, anyone?

Our friends Catie and Jason run a podcast at, and one night we recorded an episode on the boat. You can have a listen here.

If you want to see more of our pictures from the week, you can check out our Amazon Photo Album.DCIM104GOPROG6345912.



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