Where Gas is Cheaper than Water

Saudi Arabia: Where Gas is Cheaper than Water

When we moved to Saudi Arabia, we knew that gas would be cheap. The country is known for oil, and there are subsidies to keep the prices low for residents. Right after we moved here, prices jumped by 50%, but they’re still basically the lowest in the world. Here’s a comparison of prices from around the world (in USD):

Gas Prices Around the World

We recently bought a big, gas guzzling, four-wheel drive SUV, and today when I filled up, it cost $13 USD (50 riyals)!

Ashley drives the car most days on campus (and maybe one day will drive it outside of KAUST because women will be able to drive in Saudi Arabia come June 2018). I still ride my scooter, and when I fill it up every two or three weeks it costs me about $1.50 USD.

Oh, and these prices are for the equivalent of “premium unleaded” in the U.S., plus every gas station has an attendant that pumps your gas for you. There’s no need to get outside the car in the middle of the hot, humid afternoon!

Gas works out to be about 24 cents per liter, which is a little less than half of what it costs to buy a liter of water at the super market.

Here gas really is cheaper than water!

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