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We bought a car in May, and we are enjoying the freedom this gives us to explore places off the beaten path - well, off the beaten path of the KAUST buses that make trips to Jeddah. This means we have more options when it comes to trying new restaurants when we go shopping in Jeddah.

A few weeks ago, I wrote about a Mexican restaurant in Jeddah called Fire Grill. We have also tried a new burger place called The Counter Burger, and we recently experienced a delicious Italian restaurant called Piatto. 

The atmosphere of the restaurant is lovely - complete with a fountain and furniture which makes you feel like you are in an outdoor cafe in Italy. The menu is extensive with lots of antipasto, pasta, pizza, bread, meat, etc, and they even have complimentary salad and breadsticks as a starter. 

The food was spectacular, and the prices were decent. Just what we expect from an Italian restaurant - aside from the lack of pork products and wine. 

I have been really impressed with the choices of restaurants in Jeddah, and it's been fun to get out and try places that were more difficult to get to when we didn't have a car. We seem to find places we didn't notice before all the time, so we've got lots of new places to try!

What kind of restaurant would you be looking for?  

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