Meeru Island Resort & Spa – a Week in the Maldives

With turquoise-blue waters, white sandy beaches, and an island breeze that makes the palm trees dance, who wouldn’t want to kick up their feet and spend a week living the island life? I must admit I haven’t always been one to crave beach vacations – there’s so much of the world to see that it […]

My Ticket To Juilliard

If only I really had a shot at Juilliard. I don’t. Let’s get that clear at the start. You see, I’ve always wanted to learn to play the piano. I find the piano one of the most soothing, beautiful instruments in the world, so naturally, it’s been my dream to be incredibly proficient at playing […]

Farmer’s Market: a WEP Event

As I mentioned in my previous post about the KAUST 5k, the Winter Enrichment Program or “WEP” is a time of the year when KAUST hosts a number of events, lectures, and opportunities to learn new things. Typically, WEP has a theme and most of the activities relate to the theme in some way, but […]

KAUST 5k Run: a WEP Activity

Every year in January, KAUST hosts what is called the Winter Enrichment Program or “WEP” for short. During this time, they bring in people from around the world to speak, give demonstrations, organize workshops, and provide the community with interesting things to learn and do. Each year there is a theme, and most activities and […]

Places: Piatto Italian Restaurant

We bought a car in May, and we are enjoying the freedom this gives us to explore places off the beaten path – well, off the beaten path of the KAUST buses that make trips to Jeddah. This means we have more options when it comes to trying new restaurants when we go shopping in […]

When Blonde Guys Wear Thobes…

There is an old, historic shopping area of Jeddah called Al Balad where you can wander through old buildings and shops full of hookahs, traditional dress, and jewelry.  It’s a fun place to go when the weather is nice because other than the shops, it’s mostly outdoors, so as you can imagine in the height […]

Zion National Park

In the spring, we had the opportunity to explore an area of the United States that neither one of us has been to extensively.  Though we had a particular reason to be there (my sister’s wedding), it was fun to get to see some new places and do some stuff we don’t normally get to […]

Changes are Coming

Depending on your normal news source, you may have seen reports that some big changes are coming to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the not too distant future. Many of these changes are coming as a result of the country’s Vision 2030 in which there is a push to diversify the economy of the […]

the Grand Canyon

I went to the Grand Canyon as a kid, and I know I thought it was cool back then.  What I didn’t realize was just how much I’d appreciate seeing it as an adult. The sheer immensity of the canyon is beyond what I remember, and the way the colors change as the sunlight shifts […]