KAUST Bike Week

If you’re a regular reader of our blog, you probably know that we’re big fans of cycling, so when we found out that KAUST was hosting a Bike Week this week, we were pretty excited. To help encourage exercise and an environmentally friendly form of transportation, all KAUSTians were encouraged to Bike to Work, Bike […]

Saudi Arabia: Where Gas is Cheaper than Water

Where Gas is Cheaper than Water

When we moved to Saudi Arabia, we knew that gas would be cheap. The country is known for oil, and there are subsidies to keep the prices low for residents. Right after we moved here, prices jumped by 50%, but they’re still basically the lowest in the world. Here’s a comparison of prices from around […]

8 Fun Things To Do In Bangkok

Bangkok was the hub of our Southeast Asia travels this summer. We flew into and out of BKK airport, and used the smaller airport (DMG) to take quick flights to Myanmar and Cambodia. At the beginning of our trip, we spent several days in the city, and here are some of the fun things we […]

Expat Weight Loss: My (continuing) Journey to Fitness

A quick google search on “expat weight” shows that many people struggle with putting on at least few pounds when they move abroad. This article from the UAE claims that 98 out of 100 UAE expats who are overweight claim that moving abroad attributed to them getting fatter! Moving (especially to a new country) can […]

Whale Shark

Looking for Whale Sharks: A Weekend on the Red Sea

In 2016, we had an amazing chance to swim with whale sharks with Red Sea Safaris, a research group based out of KAUST. It is still probably the coolest thing we’ve done in Saudi Arabia, so when registration for the 2017 trips opened up, we decided that we probably didn’t need to go back this year knowing […]

Al Baik

Places: Al Baik

Whataburger. In-N-Out. Cook-Out. Taco Cabana. All are regional fast food restaurants in the U.S. that are unique enough they demand a cult-like following from locals and first time visitors alike. You’d better believe I don’t make a trip back to Texas without stopping at Whataburger. In the same way, western Saudi Arabia has Al Baik. […]

Antelope Canyon X

On The Road Again – Exploring the Southwest U.S.

Today we’re headed out on our next adventure – spring break in the Southwest US. Ashley’s sister is getting married this weekend in Zion National Park, so we’ve combined that with a hopefully epic weeklong road trip through Zion, Page, the Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, and more.  Then, we’ll be hopping over to Nashville, Tennessee […]

Coral Reef

Snorkeling from KAUST

When spending time in the Red Sea, Ashley and I usually prefer to scuba, but if you’re not a certified scuba diver, snorkeling is still a great way to explore the reefs. We’ve done some snorkeling off the coast north of KAUST before, but I was recently invited on a snorkeling trip from the KAUST […]

Al Balad

A Day in Old Jeddah – “Al-Balad”

A couple of weeks ago, I had the chance to spend the day in Old Jeddah, or Al-Balad. Al-Balad (literally “the Town” in English) is the historic, oldest part of Jeddah with roots that date back to the 7th century. Over hundreds of years, these winding streets developed as the city grew thanks to its […]

Our One Year KAUST-iversary!

Sometimes it seems like just yesterday we made the big trek from the U.S. to Saudi Arabia with our luggage and a dog in tow. Other days it seems like we’ve been here forever as we’ve really settled in well. In reality though, today we celebrate one year of living at KAUST. We’ve been doing […]