Changes are Coming

Depending on your normal news source, you may have seen reports that some big changes are coming to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the not too distant future. Many of these changes are coming as a result of the country’s Vision 2030 in which there is a push to diversify the economy of the […]

the Grand Canyon

I went to the Grand Canyon as a kid, and I know I thought it was cool back then.  What I didn’t realize was just how much I’d appreciate seeing it as an adult. The sheer immensity of the canyon is beyond what I remember, and the way the colors change as the sunlight shifts […]

Places: Fire Grill Fresh Mex Kitchen

It’s no secret that we love Mexican food (and by Mexican, I mean Tex-Mex).  In fact, we had a very Mexican-heavy week this week, which we haven’t done in a while, and it was glorious.  Over the course of 5 days we ate tacos, nachos, quesadillas, and burritos…twice. The only thing missing was a few […]

Saudi Arabia: Where Gas is Cheaper than Water

Where Gas is Cheaper than Water

When we moved to Saudi Arabia, we knew that gas would be cheap. The country is known for oil, and there are subsidies to keep the prices low for residents. Right after we moved here, prices jumped by 50%, but they’re still basically the lowest in the world. Here’s a comparison of prices from around […]

Places: Exit the Room

You have to find a way out. Time is ticking. You only have an hour, and the only way out is to use the clues. Do you think you can do it? Sounds serious, right? Well, it’s only as serious as you make it. This is the dilemma of an escape room. If you’re not […]

Get Your Kicks on Route 66

Route 66 is one of those nostalgic places that brings with it pictures of styles and cars from a bygone era. If you’re anything like me, you associate Route 66 with the pop culture references that made this highway one of the most famous roads in the world.  This famous road has been in movies […]

Places: Challenge Round Board Game Store

While we lived in North Carolina, we would often find ourselves at a local board game store on Saturday afternoons.  It was fun to browse the games, read the back of the boxes, and look at the artwork on the games. We couldn’t afford to buy games very often, but that didn’t stop us from […]

8 Fun Things To Do In Bangkok

Bangkok was the hub of our Southeast Asia travels this summer. We flew into and out of BKK airport, and used the smaller airport (DMG) to take quick flights to Myanmar and Cambodia. At the beginning of our trip, we spent several days in the city, and here are some of the fun things we […]

monument title

Places: King Abdullah Monument

The King Abdullah Monument is a tribute to the late King Abdullah who was the visionary that put the wheels of KAUST into motion in 2007.  This unique monument of glass, balloon-type lights and fountains of water creates a peaceful atmosphere in which you can wander the exhibit highlighting the king’s dream of a university […]