Places: Piatto Italian Restaurant

We bought a car in May, and we are enjoying the freedom this gives us to explore places off the beaten path – well, off the beaten path of the KAUST buses that make trips to Jeddah. This means we have more options when it comes to trying new restaurants when we go shopping in […]

Places: Fire Grill Fresh Mex Kitchen

It’s no secret that we love Mexican food (and by Mexican, I mean Tex-Mex).  In fact, we had a very Mexican-heavy week this week, which we haven’t done in a while, and it was glorious.  Over the course of 5 days we ate tacos, nachos, quesadillas, and burritos…twice. The only thing missing was a few […]

8 Fun Things To Do In Bangkok

Bangkok was the hub of our Southeast Asia travels this summer. We flew into and out of BKK airport, and used the smaller airport (DMG) to take quick flights to Myanmar and Cambodia. At the beginning of our trip, we spent several days in the city, and here are some of the fun things we […]

Expat Weight Loss: My (continuing) Journey to Fitness

A quick google search on “expat weight” shows that many people struggle with putting on at least few pounds when they move abroad. This article from the UAE claims that 98 out of 100 UAE expats who are overweight claim that moving abroad attributed to them getting fatter! Moving (especially to a new country) can […]

Iftar table

Feasting with Friends

One of the most exciting aspects of living in a new culture is getting to participate in events, holidays, and traditions that you’ve never experienced before.  This can take many forms: unique wedding traditions, different customs to celebrate a new baby, eating new foods, wearing different clothes, learning a new dance, and this even includes […]

bowl of seasoning

When Meal Prep Takes ALL Day

Since we moved here, I cannot count the number of times I have Googled “how to make ________ from scratch.”  This is not because I’m a wiz at cooking and love to make entire meals from basic ingredients. Actually, I’m quite the opposite. I would rather cook something that takes 10 minutes and doesn’t make a […]

Al Baik

Places: Al Baik

Whataburger. In-N-Out. Cook-Out. Taco Cabana. All are regional fast food restaurants in the U.S. that are unique enough they demand a cult-like following from locals and first time visitors alike. You’d better believe I don’t make a trip back to Texas without stopping at Whataburger. In the same way, western Saudi Arabia has Al Baik. […]

Learning to be Healthier: Our First Whole30

It’s no secret that Eric and I have put forth quite a bit of effort in recent months trying to get fit and be healthier.  We’ve been doing a number of active things lately (riding bikes, swimming, running), but though we saw some results, they weren’t the life changing fitness or health results that we wanted […]

Thanksgiving by the Sea

Holidays that are only celebrated in your home country are often a gamble when you live abroad.  Because days like Thanksgiving and Independence Day are only holidays for Americans, you can’t always assume that people (even other American expats) will celebrate the holiday or that the grocery store will have the ingredients you need to make the traditional dishes […]

Let’s Talk About Imports

We have a rule in our house: when grocery shopping, start with the cheapest local brand that is comparable to what we’re looking for and try that.  If it’s terrible, we simply toss it and try the next cheapest brand. This has worked really well (for the most part), and we’ve found lots of local items […]