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Places: King Abdullah Monument

The King Abdullah Monument is a tribute to the late King Abdullah who was the visionary that put the wheels of KAUST into motion in 2007.  This unique monument of glass, balloon-type lights and fountains of water creates a peaceful atmosphere in which you can wander the exhibit highlighting the king’s dream of a university […]

Ashley riding a bike

Global Bike to Work Day

Today is Global Bike to Work Day.  The challenge is simple: use your bike to commute to school or work! This is a chance to get in a little extra exercise, and by not taking your car, you are making a small dent in that pesky pollution problem. I know this is more difficult for some […]

Places: KAUST Ladies’ Salon

KAUST has many amenities which make it a relatively self-contained environment.  We have a number of restaurants (with a few new ones in the soft opening stage), a clinic for all manner of medical needs (minus emergencies…for those you have to go to Jeddah), a tailor, a garden center, a gas station, a bike shop, […]

Around the World in 80 Days handout

Around the World in 80 Days

No, this post isn’t a reference to a big trip we’re planning.  It’s not about our travels but rather about the recent opportunity we had to see a stage adaptation of this classic book by Jules Verne. If you’ve been following us on social media for long, you might recall that we were fortunate to have a […]

Arabic Class

KAUST Community Arabic Program

It took us over a year to get started, but we’re finally learning Arabic!  One of our friends has been the brains behind launching a community Arabic program, so we had the privilege of being among the few who got to help kick off the pilot program. This program is unique from my other language learning experiences in […]

Coral Reef

Snorkeling from KAUST

When spending time in the Red Sea, Ashley and I usually prefer to scuba, but if you’re not a certified scuba diver, snorkeling is still a great way to explore the reefs. We’ve done some snorkeling off the coast north of KAUST before, but I was recently invited on a snorkeling trip from the KAUST […]

Al Balad

A Day in Old Jeddah – “Al-Balad”

A couple of weeks ago, I had the chance to spend the day in Old Jeddah, or Al-Balad. Al-Balad (literally “the Town” in English) is the historic, oldest part of Jeddah with roots that date back to the 7th century. Over hundreds of years, these winding streets developed as the city grew thanks to its […]

Gardening & Housekeeping at KAUST

This is something I never thought I’d say: we have gardeners and housekeepers who help to take care of our house and yard. This is an interesting phenomenon at KAUST that I’ve never experienced before, and I must say that it is one of the benefits of living here that will make it difficult to […]

Our One Year KAUST-iversary!

Sometimes it seems like just yesterday we made the big trek from the U.S. to Saudi Arabia with our luggage and a dog in tow. Other days it seems like we’ve been here forever as we’ve really settled in well. In reality though, today we celebrate one year of living at KAUST. We’ve been doing […]

When It Rains…It Floods…

Around 4:30am, I awoke to a large clap of thunder.  This is not a normal occurrence, so I was a little shocked to realize that I wasn’t just dreaming…we were actually in the midst of a thunderstorm!  I was in and out of sleep, peacefully listening to the sound of thunder and rain.  Like I […]