Whale Shark

Looking for Whale Sharks: A Weekend on the Red Sea

In 2016, we had an amazing chance to swim with whale sharks with Red Sea Safaris, a research group based out of KAUST. It is still probably the coolest thing we’ve done in Saudi Arabia, so when registration for the 2017 trips opened up, we decided that we probably didn’t need to go back this year knowing […]

Our One Year KAUST-iversary!

Sometimes it seems like just yesterday we made the big trek from the U.S. to Saudi Arabia with our luggage and a dog in tow. Other days it seems like we’ve been here forever as we’ve really settled in well. In reality though, today we celebrate one year of living at KAUST. We’ve been doing […]

The Manta

Every Friday and Saturday, KAUST has a boat – the Manta – which goes to a couple of different reefs for either snorkeling or diving on a rotating basis. If the boat goes snorkeling on Friday, it goes diving on Saturday, and then the next weekend, it swaps. It’s a great way for those of […]

Making the Most of our Time

I’ve been mulling over this post for the last few days, but I’ve had zero time to sit down an actually write it (more on why in my next post). Eric and I have officially been residents of Saudi Arabia for 6 months. That’s half a year. Half a year! It doesn’t feel like it’s been that […]

Advanced Open Water Certification

We’ve really tried to take advantage of the opportunities available to us simply by living in close proximity to the Red Sea, and of course, scuba diving has been one of those opportunities.  As you may recall, we got our PADI open water certification earlier this year, but in attempts to hone our skills and develop some further training, we opted to join the advanced open water course […]

Best Day of My Life

Ok, the title may be a bit misleading because although our recent experience chasing whale sharks was incredible, it might not be the best day of my life. But for my husband, who dreamed of being a marine biologist while growing up, it was probably in the top 5 experiences of his life. I could try to paint a […]

Scuba Diving in the Red Sea

As you may have read in one of my previous posts, we are now open water scuba certified which means we can dive to 60ft (18m)!  Being open water certified is the first step in learning to dive, and after learning the basics, there are many additional certifications you can work toward (i.e wreck diving, advanced […]

Under the Sea!

In college I (Eric) took scuba diving for my physical education credit. We did all the classroom requirements and pool dives, but I never actually got certified. Fast forward ten years (ten years!) and here we are living on the Red Sea. One of the first things we learned when moving here was that although […]