5 Things That Make Prague Perfectly European

If you’re a fan of wandering through major European cities, then Prague is definitely a place you need to visit.  The incredible architecture, the robust history, and the fact that it’s nestled in the middle of Germany, Austria, and Poland make it a great destination on any trip through Europe.  If you’re looking for a true European […]

Polish Pottery

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Polish Pottery

I lived in Poland for a couple of years after graduating from college, and it was during this time that I was exposed to Polish pottery for the first time.  You can’t live there very long and not get the Polish pottery fever – especially if you work with a large group of expats who can’t […]


A Day in Bratislava

One of the amazing things about traveling in Europe is the ability to hop from country to country as easily as it is for Americans to jump from state to state.  Depending on the state (and obviously your location within the state), Americans can get in the car, drive a couple of hours, and be in […]


Exploring Salzburg

The quaint town of Salzburg is a wonderful place to visit because of its charm and connections to musical history, and if you’re a fan of the movie The Sound of Music, it’s sure to be a place on your list of things to do in Europe as there are many places in and around Salzburg […]


Exploring Vienna

Vienna is a magical city full of old world splendor.  The architecture, the history, the language make you feel like you’ve stepped back in time, and it’s hard not to get swept away by the charm of this capital city with such a rich cultural influence.  We spent about 4 days exploring the city, and it […]


Exploring Budapest

Budapest, Hungary is a place I’ve always wanted to see, but it wasn’t until recently that I had the chance to explore this beautiful city in the heart of Central and Eastern Europe.  We began our European Christmas markets tour in Budapest, but we didn’t limit our sightseeing to only the Christmas markets.  We made sure to see […]


A European Christmas

Before Christmas becomes a distant memory (and people start counting down the days until next year), I want to give a quick recap of our experience in cold, Christmasy Europe.  Cold weather…family…Christmas…food…shopping…mulled wine….what more could you ask for over the holidays?  Not much. We had the opportunity to meet up with part of our family for […]

Flashback Friday

We have done quite a bit of exploring in the last few years, and I’ve really enjoyed blogging about our travels since we moved to Saudi Arabia. We like looking back on our adventures, so this is just as much for us as it is for our readers! As this blog is in some ways a record […]

Christmas in the Summer

Since we’ve moved to KAUST, we’ve made friends with quite a few people from New Zealand (Kiwis, as they call themselves).  I have learned a lot of things from them – new words, fun facts about NZ, among other things. I already knew that when it’s winter in the northern hemisphere, it’s summer in the […]

Three Times Our Travel Karma Ran Out and One Close Call

When it comes to the actual travel part of vacation, we’re usually pretty lucky – and by that I mean it’s usually uneventful. By plane, train, or automobile, we’re usually more or less on time, make connections, and arrive to our destinations with our bags. If that’s as good or as bad as it gets, […]