Whale Shark

Looking for Whale Sharks: A Weekend on the Red Sea

In 2016, we had an amazing chance to swim with whale sharks with Red Sea Safaris, a research group based out of KAUST. It is still probably the coolest thing we’ve done in Saudi Arabia, so when registration for the 2017 trips opened up, we decided that we probably didn’t need to go back this year knowing […]


Camping in the Desert

If you’re anything like me, you don’t expect that there will be much of an incentive to venture into the desert to spend the night.  You probably have images of rolling sand dunes, an overbearing sun, and creepy, crawly animals.  Add to that the lack of modern amenities like running water and electricity…not exactly the makings […]

Jordan: Petra

This is my final post about Jordan, and I decided to finish this series with the iconic landmark Jordan is most known for – Petra. The Sites The archeological site of Petra is on the Jordan Pass (see previous post for an explanation), and you can purchase the pass that allows you 1, 2, or […]

Jordan:Wadi Rum & Shobak Castle

This post focuses on our time at a camp in Wadi Rum, as well as a short stopover at Shobak Castle. The Sites and Experiences (* means it’s covered by the Jordan Pass – see explanation in previous post) Scenery: I don’t know what I expected Jordan to look like, but I was shocked at how constantly the landscape […]

Jordan: Mountains & Valleys

This post focuses on the sites we saw between Amman and the Dead Sea, as well as our time at a Dead Sea resort. The Sites (* means it’s covered by the Jordan Pass – see explanation in previous post) Madaba: This smaller Jordanian city is the home of the Church of St. George, a Greek Orthodox […]

Jordan: Amman & the North

As I mentioned in my previous post, there are so many sites to see in Jordan that it could easily fill a couple weeks’ worth of time.  Therefore, I want to use this space to not only give you some details about the things we did, but offer some practical thoughts that might help you make […]

Jordan: the Desert, Some Ruins, and a Wonder of the World

When we began discussing plans for a trip to Jordan, I’ll admit I wasn’t completely sold on the idea.  In my mind, Jordan was just another local place only a short 2 hour flight from KSA.  I was convinced it couldn’t hold a candle to our travels in Europe, but we continued planning nonetheless.  Everyone we talked to […]

Loving Your Neighbor

I am a firm believer in the principle of seeking to understand the people around me – their heart, their beliefs, their joys, their pain.  So many times, misunderstandings are a result of assuming that we know what people are thinking or feeling. When you attempt to understand even small aspects of a culture or perspective […]

Making the Most of our Time

I’ve been mulling over this post for the last few days, but I’ve had zero time to sit down an actually write it (more on why in my next post). Eric and I have officially been residents of Saudi Arabia for 6 months. That’s half a year. Half a year! It doesn’t feel like it’s been that […]


When we went on our Whale Shark adventure a few weeks ago, we were fortunate enough to have the whale sharks swim with us for several hours each of the two days. After getting some great pictures of the sharks, I decided to get a few selfies to prove that I was actually there and […]