Meeru Island Resort & Spa – a Week in the Maldives

With turquoise-blue waters, white sandy beaches, and an island breeze that makes the palm trees dance, who wouldn’t want to kick up their feet and spend a week living the island life? I must admit I haven’t always been one to crave beach vacations – there’s so much of the world to see that it […]

8 Fun Things To Do In Bangkok

Bangkok was the hub of our Southeast Asia travels this summer. We flew into and out of BKK airport, and used the smaller airport (DMG) to take quick flights to Myanmar and Cambodia. At the beginning of our trip, we spent several days in the city, and here are some of the fun things we […]

the ESSENTIAL oils for travel

I am new to the world of essential oils.  I got into it because my sister is a wellness advocate for doTerra, and I was interested in trying essential oils for a few things around the house.  Since I live abroad and don’t want to have them shipped here, I jumped in with both feet […]

That Time I Meant To Write…

I had every intention of writing this summer while we were traveling, but I was spread thin what with bouncing in and out of countries all over Southeast Asia and completing a 7-week course for my master’s degree… I just didn’t get the chance. Instead, I’ve been working hard to renovate to make it […]